why choose us?

We are passionate about navigating the journey of change with individuals and organisations.  We care about the individual as well as the organisation.

Results-driven and outcome-focused, we build capacity and increasing efficiency in resource application, enabling you to focus on realising your vision.

We coach and mentor for performance and change, helping individuals move forward with greater ease.

our services


We partner with you in a systemic review of your strategy and support services element to ensure effective alignment with the vision as well as increased efficiency in support services, thereby releasing everyone to focus on their mission.   

We deliver a hands-on approach when it comes to leading support services through change and transformation. We review your administrative function to ensure optimum efficiency and effectiveness in your support services and resources.  This includes creating a fit for purpose finance function, allowing you to make finance decisions quickly and correctly.

We focus on building capacity and developing departments, as well as one-to-one coaching and mentoring services to team members and line management alike.  


Our coaching approach focuses on guiding you through change and transformation, helping you cope with the ever increasing demands of change. 

We support you as line manager to effectively navigate the demands of senior leadership and team member performance.

bespoke products and services

We act as interim support during times you need specialised support to align support services, but are not looking to recruit permanently. Our services include:

  • Placement and induction services
  • Strategic development and alignment of support services
  • Capacity building, training and mentoring services
  • Staff performance reviews
  • Customised performance appraisal systems
  • Internal financial reporting tools
  • Financial strategies
  • Customised policies and procedures
  • Aligned internal financial controls 

What others say

Annelize has a great capacity to grasp the broader issues of organisational development.  I have had the privilege of working closely with Annelize, when she worked with the leadership of our organisation to advise, as well as work towards strategic growth. I can recommend Annelize as someone who holds herself accountable to high standards of work and personal conduct.

Karen Floor, CEO Wycliffe SA

Annelize has proved to be an open and objective coach – enabling me to grow and develop.  She has been willing and able to ask the difficult questions, which have challenged and make me dig deeper.  I am certainly more able and comfortable to confront, face conflict and challenge myself where needed.  I have benefitted greatly from the time spent with Annelize.

Line Manager, United Kingdom

Annelize has been incredibly patient and gentle in her coaching sessions.  She was great at helping me identify practical steps towards improvement.

 Team member, United Kingdom

These coaching sessions have helped me realise what I really want and be non-apologetic about my dreams, goals and desires.

 Team member, South Africa